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Ferrari Cavallino T250 Headphones Review

“Performance and quality underpins everything Ferrari does” Andrea Perrone, Senior vice president of Ferrari.

Move out of the way all other brands, the big daddy of headphones (the one with the huge cojones) has arrived on the scene and yes, they are brought to you by the Kings of class, Ferrari.
Headphones by Logic3 for the Ferrari Cavallino Collection start at £129, they are sure attention stealers; the iconic prancing horse on the ear cuffs left many a salivating mouth in my wake on my morning commute to the office – it was great having such power, I think it may have even gotten me the odd seat offer or two (or perhaps that was in my dream before they actually arrived on my desk?).

Quality and class

The T250’s are great headphones, an amazing sound quality encapsulated inside luxurious materials; the leather on the ear pads are so comfortable, made from superior quality soft leather, they help to transport you into the music.
The T250’s are worth every penny of their £229 price tag – they are after all the Godfather of the whole audio movement, it holds mucho weight, so brothers, we must respect the badge.
The Ferrari Cavallino Collection is available from Harrods, Apple Store or at
Written by Christy Black

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