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Music FestivalsIt’s that time of year again when we optimistically head off in search of good music, good times and good weather. Yes, festival season is here. Here’s the lowdown on what to wear whichever style camp you are in.

Financial Style Ties 1“Captivating the dapper gent”

Since Financial Style’s entry into the fashion market last year, they have been making noise in all the right places with their high end ties made from luxurious natural silks, cashmere and wool.

Classic is where the retailers are pitching their men’s shoe collections this spring. The brogue and desert boot are styles that are continuing to be popular

Hamilton & Hare Underwear for men has always been a particularly limited area of menswear with a wide range of uninteresting, ill-fitting and predictable choices.

Salvador fragrances are all about indulgence and luxury; from their one-off uniquely designed iconic golden bottles, to their rich masculine scents.

Every fashionable man needs a bottle of Dali Fabulous 4 with the famous Dalian lips, glistening from the bathroom counter top.

If you are one of the increasing numbers of consumers turning your back on disposable fashion and looking for quality and design led sophistication for your wardrobe then Reiss is a great place to build on your collection.

British fashion is attributed for being characteristically eclectic and unpredictable, where individuality is crucial to every look.

The moment the Bentley fragrance launch invite landed in my inbox, I knew this was an event I would have to attend. (Who knows what they may squeeze into the goodie bag?)

The Soho based former DJ / producer turned designer, David Newell, knows a thing or two about fashion, style, getting the right fit from a suit... oh, and did I mention music?

Probably one of the most overlooked accessory item has got to be the belt. Typically it peeks out, with a hint of uncertainty, from beneath a sweater. Not one to take the limelight, the belt is content to chill in the background.