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Pioneer DDJ-SBI've always fancied myself as a bit of a DJ, I probably even had a DJ name growing up... if I could only remember it now. Anyways, when the Pioneer DDJ-SB landed on our doorstep at Crumbs for Men, of course I took it as a sign as fond memories of my partying days rushed to the forefront of my mind.

Parrot Zik HeadphonesImagine if you could conjure up your ideal pair of headphones. What would be some of your prerequisites? Let me see; great sound, motion detecting controls, slick design... I hear all of you shouting out your wants and needs, well guess what? Parrot has provided all of the above with their sexy stylish Zik's.

Griffins WoodTones HeadphonesWe at Crumbs for Men are suckers for a good set of headphones, we've tried many from the Plattans by Urban Ears, Marshalls, Ministry of Sound to the badge heavy Ferrari over the ears headphones. 

Bremont WatchesFrom September 2013, Mr Porter has teamed up with British born brothers, Nick and Giles English, manufactures of Bremont Chronometers. The creators of these delectable yet durable timepieces are the latest names in fashion to partner up with the online retailer.

Crystal head vodka and rolling stones gift setWith Father’s Day fast approaching, the panic to find that perfect gift is gradually setting in. So here are a few gift ideas that are a little better than those socks you bought last year.

"Simplicity, functionality and understated confidence"

The history of Nite watches cements itself firmly into military heritage. Fast forward the years and Nite have stayed true to their roots with their superior craftsmanship, though they have switched the designs up a tad and are producing sexy watches appealing to both the fashion lover and the action man alike.

Pioneer STEEZ SE-D10E-S 

pioneer steez headphonesI was already in the market for some headphones when I was informed that CFM had another pair coming in. logoLike most people in the modern world I own, and regularly use, a smartphone. As a sports writer and, more importantly, a sports fan I spend a lot of time trying to navigate sport websites on a screen a lot smaller than what could be described as ‘optimal’ size.

Think how great it would be to never have to worry about your mobile device having a dead battery whilst you are out and about…

When it comes to the Motorola Razr, I must begin with a bit of nostalgia, a trip down memory lane…

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