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Archer Street SignLooking for an elegant pitch perfect paradise in the heart of Soho? Then call off the search boys, come in and say hello to Archer Street.

Jamaica Jamaica at The Jam TreeIn celebration of Jamaican Independence, The Jam Tree in Clapham and Chelsea are running a Jamaica Jamaica pop up from the 6th of August to the 20th August, sure to bring a slice of the Caribbean to London.

Poetic JusticeLove the 90's and movies? Well, We love the 90's film festival kicks off from the 25th - 28th July at the outdoor Portobello Pop Up cinema under the Westway at 3 Acklam Road, London.

Legends Rugby FestivalThis July sees the opening of the first Legends Rugby festival to be hosted at Wimbledon Rugby Football Club on the 13th July.

alcoholic spiritsWhy is it that we so rarely peruse a menu when entering a bar? Most of us instinctively order our tried and trusted drink without a second thought, but what does your choice of poison say about your personality?

Babylon roof gardensNestled 100 feet above Kensington High Street, Babylon at the Roof Gardens is an oasis of riches to stimulate the senses and escape the hustle and bustle of London life.

barts chelsea signAs it's a secret I can't reveal too much about the location of this elegant speak easy in the heart of Chelsea but it's happily cloistered in a place some lucky people get to call home (ask the reception staff and be shown the way). 

red pocket restaurant batterseaLocated on the ground floor of Hotel Verta by Rhombus, tucked away on Bridges Wharf by the Heliport in Battersea sits one of my now favourite Chinese restaurants, Red Pocket, which raises the bar with their Chinese dining experience.

Lovebox Collective pop up shopMay Bank Holiday 26th & 27th May

Men at last a shopping experience that will having the girlfriend / wife standing around waiting for you to shop (well almost). Imagine you can come to this event to design your favourite jeans or have them remade.

A Story of Love, War and Courage
Birdsong by Sebastian FaulksMost visits to the theatre begin with the predictable ritual of frantically scrambling to locate one’s seat, arranging and then rearranging your belongings under the seat and checking, on at least three occasions, that your mobile is securely switched off, before settling down to enjoy the performance.

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