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Q: Is Bounce Bar a ping pong club, an adult youth club, or a bar or restaurant? A: All of the above

Situated on 120 Holborn near Chancery Lane tube station is London’s most fun bar. Take the stairs down and you will be led to a rather swanky reception where you can see the whole open floor of this huge bar with high ceilings. 

A British NFL Fan Tackles America

In 1985 I was just five years old when I saw the Chicago Bears win the Superbowl on T.V. I became instantly hooked on American football. I played (all be it briefly) American football with all the pads and gear as well as the flag version and loved the game even more.

One of the big sporting headlines of the last month was definitely Lewis Hamilton’s big money move to Mercedes, and whether it was the right decision.

Good or bad, it definitely shakes things up on the driver front as we look to the 2013 season.

Award winning British actor, Jimmy Akingbola, currently playing Dr Antoine Malick in Holby City is known to most of his peers as “Mr Nice” and after meeting with him it is quite easy to see why.

 Jimmy is relaxed, confident and warm, he has been acting both on stage and screen for a number of years, from Shakespeare to comedy, he’s got it all under his belt.

Turn your unique talents into a winning formular

By John Purkiss & David Royston-Lee
If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or a corporate employee, this book is one that you must read. It will help you to unlock the tools needed to build yourself into a reputable brand.

Ignite the senses at the coolest bar in London, sip your delicious cocktail 'in the rocks' when you visit Galactic Frontiers at the Icebar London - a truly out of this world experience!

Futuristic flight attendants, shimmering in silver sequins greeted us with a smile, gave us our boarding passes and informed us on the rules of luxury interstellar travel.

Helene Gremillon's new novel 'The Confidant' is the type of book that hooks you from the beginning, this capitivity continues with the careful introduction of new characters, events and a narrative drive that flits from time to time. 

When two professionals meet, before business, they shake hands. It’s a simple gesture, but one to signify that as professionals business will be done, whatever has gone on personally between the people beforehand.

Riding around Battersea's streets on your Italian motorbike or scooter is about to get a whole lot more rewarding thanks to Bunga Bunga's Scooter Tuesdays.

On any Tuesday evening, Bunga Bunga bar / pizzeria (in conjunction with Vespa) want to feed "you fabulous biker boys" by treating you to one of their delicious small pizzas for free - yes boys free.

Ever since 2005 when London won the Olympic bid, I have been looking forward to these games.

The Olympics is the greatest show on earth, and I was convinced that having them less than an hour away from my home was going to be amazing.

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