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What's in a Handshake?

I had the most interesting chat the other day with some male friends of mine. They were telling me how much they hate it when other males shake their hand on greeting like it's an arm wrestling contest (but without the arms). I was intrigued…


Queen of Hoxton 
1-5 Curtain Road 
London EC2A 3JX 
The London Rooftop Film Club, in association with American Express, is a unique place to watch iconic classics or recent smash hits.
Located in Kensington and Shoreditch until the 31st of August, it's a fantastic way to catch up with old friends or share an entertaining evening with someone special.

…is not always to get completely blotted and have no recollection of the events the following day, it is more about enjoying oneself in your own unique way, whether it be clubbing til dawn or staying in and watching a film with your partner (this could also help your relationship) as you can discuss issues in the film which relate to you.

Pick your film carefully otherwise you could end up in difficulties; Lesbian Vampires v Gay Zombies could be a bit baffling for your partner to understand – unless of course they fall into either category! 

Bayern Munich 1-Chelsea (Chelsea win 3-4 on Penalties)

Can Lightning strike twice?

In the semi Final second leg against Barcelona, Chelsea players had the game of their life, as they knocked out the Champions with just ten men. That night they “parked the bus” and simply soaked up the attacking pressure. Could the boys from West London do the same in this final?

Bayern Munich had the advantage by hosting the final in their very own impressive Allianz stadium; they also had practically a full squad to choose from. Chelsea however were without key players due to suspension such as their talismanic leader and captain, John Terry. 

Roy Hodgson

First of all it’s important to note that Roy Hodgson is a superb football manager with more experience than any other manager of English football in the game today.

He has held international management positions before with Switzerland, Finland and UAE, not to mention spells at Liverpool, Fulham and Inter Milan, so any suggestion that he is not qualified for this job is completely unfounded.

Do you ever come home after a hard day at the office, strip off and shower and get dressed again – well, think about NOT getting dressed again and going about your activities ‘in the nude’.  It is especially beneficial in the summertime and throughout the rest of the year, unless it is really really cold.

Naturism is all about going nude whenever and wherever possible, it is not about flaunting the ‘body beautiful’ either, many older naturists (who form a large part of the UK Naturist movement) don’t have the ‘picture perfect body’.

screen crowd1st - 7th May 2012


This month blasts off with a amazing programme of Sci - Fi themed screenings and events. Boldly going from fresh independent world premieres to whole evenings dedicated to some of the most iconic films of all time.

2012 Music Festivals

This year’s Sonisphere Festival has been cancelled, and meanwhile Download’s mediocre line up has disgruntled many fans. Reading & Leeds, T in the Park, and V Festival are just doing the same old thing, and all of this is in a year with no Glastonbury.

It seems the mainstream UK festival scene is suffering this summer, and people may be wondering what to do.


Bodeans logo

The first thing that strikes you about Bodean’s BBQ, is that for a sports bar/restaurant, it is a classy affair. The décor does not have the usual tacky sports memorabilia hanging, instead the brooding black and red booths, with long horn skulls give a mixture of Texas and Death Valley.

The Coen Brothers could not have made it better themselves. Yet sports lovers, fear not, because there are plenty of flat screens to see North American sports and Premiership football. 

Jazz Night at the Door

Located on the much sought after Cornhill strip in the city of London, The Door Oyster Bar & Grill boasts a glamorous venue filled with a good mix of diners to match.

I visited The Door on the last of their Thursday live jazz nights, and I was literally blown away by the music, the food and most importantly, my waiter who was a dead ringer for the British actor, Tim Roth.

Pretty Green